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Images - Telephones and Mobile Phones - XL-50 AMPLIFIED TELEPHONE
A diverse portfolio of enterprise technologies including tablets, digital displays, hospitality TVs, and printers. Together, we are committed to putting the business customer at the core of everything we do by delivering comprehensive products, solutions and services across diverse industries including hospitality, education and government. Samsung Business is committed to helping customers realize the promise of a digital business. At Computers Plus we sell solutions with integrity and reliability and we care about your needs which always come first.
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Computers Plus
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Product Description
Product Features:
  • Designed for people with moderate to severe hearing loss 
  • Volume control up to 30 dB for loud and clear telephone calls 
  • Tone Selector for adjusting sound clarity and distinguishing similar sounding words like "chair" and "share" 
  • Audio output jack for direct connection to assistive listening devices 
  • Handset is compatible with hearing aid T-coil
  • 12 programmable memory dial buttons 
  • Adjustable super loud ringer and bright visual ring flasher 
  • Easy-to-see oversized keypad buttons 
  • Adjustable outgoing voice amplification (15 dB) so callers can hear you better
  • Redial, hold and flash buttons 

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